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A neatly set table with a blue and white checkered tablecloth, featuring plates, cutlery, glasses, a menu, cloth napkins, and centerpieces of flowers and greenery inspired by summer wedding color trends.

5 Summer Wedding Color Trends to Incorporate into your Big Day 

Say ‘I do’ to the perfect summer wedding color trends. From muted tones and pastel hues,  to bright and bold to celebrate the summer season, we’re breaking down the top trending color palettes for summer weddings.  

What You Need to Know 

  • Many different summer wedding colors can work for your special day. The trick is to choose a color palette that suits your venue and personal style.
  • Your wedding is a special event to celebrate you and your partner. Let the colors you incorporate into your celebration help tell that story. You can opt for a classic wedding color palette that includes blues and whites, or you can select brighter colors. Neutral color palettes work well, too.

What colors are best for a summer wedding?

Without a doubt, the best summer wedding color palettes are ones that serve as a picture-perfect backdrop for your ceremony. For example, the colors you’ll want for a beach wedding or outdoor wedding are going to be different from what you want if you’re saying your vows in a more formal setting.

Whether you’re embracing color for your summer wedding with bright hues and eye-catching patterns or a more neutral palette, here are some summer wedding color trends that will look best on your big day.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes

Summer Sunset Wedding Colors

Rich blue and purple paired with dimensional ochre and burnt orange serve as the backbone for this color scheme. It’s one of our favorite summer wedding options because of how versatile it is. Whether you’re planning a wedding day celebration in the morning, afternoon or evening, this color palette is perfect for summertime nuptials.

Boho Neutral Color Palette

If your dream wedding involves highlighting the natural beauty of your venue surroundings and incorporating outdoor elements, you can’t go wrong with a boho-inspired color palette. To achieve this look, you’ll want to focus on hues you can find in nature. Think tans and browns paired with blush pink roses, sage green accent pieces or dusty blue table fixtures.

Soft Neutral Summer Wedding Colors

For a neutral summer wedding look, you have a few options you can choose from. At its base level, this look consists of whites, blacks, browns or tans. A soft, neutral color palette like this easily sets the stage for timeless elegance and romance. If you want to switch it up a bit, you can always visit the color wheel and pair your neutrals with an accent color like lavender, sage green, soft yellow, or powder blue.

Navy Blue and White Color Palette

If you’re planning a summer wedding by the water, navy blue and white is a classic combination. If navy is too harsh, though, you can tone down the intensity of this color by pairing it with a light blue or Marseille Bleu. Whichever shade you choose, this enduring combination looks especially lovely with white flowers like lilies and orchids. Plus, it’s the perfect cooling combination against the summer wedding heat.

Bright Shades of Color

Want to make a statement on your wedding day? Opt for vibrant colors that are guaranteed to stick in your guests’ minds. Choosing colors like hot pink, lemon yellow or cobalt blue to make your summer wedding pop. When done tastefully, this color scheme is perfect for summer weddings because it adds a playful vibe to the ceremony and reception for your guests who came to celebrate.

Best Summer Wedding Color Trends

The best summer wedding color palette depends on you, your partner and your vision for your special day. Whether you choose to celebrate the natural beauty of your wedding destination or you want to stand out with vibrant hues, there’s a summer wedding color palette for you.

The color palette you use for your summer wedding décor is a personal choice and can vary from vibrant and bold, to charmingly coastal, to subtle neutrals. Start with the wedding theme you want to incorporate across your celebration and build from there. Remember, your wedding festivities might be broken out over multiple days – welcome party, rehearsal dinners and then the big day – which means you can use these smaller events to weave in more than one summer wedding color trend to help tell your love story. 

Not sure where to begin? Our experienced team is here to help you pick out linens that complement your event! 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best summer wedding color palette?

The best color palette for your wedding depends on your personal style. Select anything from calm neutrals to popping pastels. You can even choose something more eye-catching like lime green, bright pinks or bold blues. 

What is the cool summer color palette for a wedding?

For a cool summer palette, opt for gentler hues like blush pink or soft blue. Summer whites and shades of beige also work well with this calmer look.

What is the best summer flower palette for a wedding?

If you want to incorporate lush greenery or in season blooms into your wedding during the summer months, focus on using colors you find naturally. Emulate the look of garden roses by opting for pink and green or incorporate yellows, oranges or gold into your look.

What is the most elegant color for a wedding?

Having an elegant wedding doesn’t mean you need to shy away from bold color. Opt for French blue with different shades of white or cream for a classy look. Alternatively, you can go for neutrals or black and white color combos for a sophisticated feel.

Can I use bright colors for my wedding day?

Selecting bold accent colors for your wedding is definitely possible. Whether you want to use neon pink, blue, orange or yellow, you can. Just make sure you incorporate some quieter shades into your summer wedding color scheme.

Apr. 23, 2024

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