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Barbie theme party

Party Like Barbie: ‘Barbiecore’ Event Trends

Get ready to sprinkle some pink magic and unleash your inner Barbie at your upcoming event! It’s time to dive into the fabulous world of Barbicore—a trend that’s all about infusing your gathering with the vibrant and glamorous spirit of Barbie. And guess what? We have an extra special reason to celebrate! The release of the new Barbie movie has everyone buzzing with excitement, making it the perfect time to infuse your event with the Barbicore trend. So, grab your favorite pink accessories and let’s explore how you can create a truly unforgettable Barbie-inspired experience for you and your guests!

“Barbie-fy” Your Color Palette

When it comes to picking your color palette, do as Barbie does and paint the town in vibrant color! We’re talking about infusing your event with all the pretty pink shades and bright, bold hues by way of lively florals, eye-catching stationery and signage, like these details featured in the #VisualistRetreat hosted by photographer Jessa Shifilliti and designed by Always Yours Events. Barbie-style décor is a must-have, so think big. Bring out the Barbie dreamhouse vibes with larger-than-life accessories like glitzy chandeliers and balloons, and all the tabletop accessories (think fun napkin rings, ornate floral vases, china and more).

Barbie themed invitations by Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Set the tone for your Barbie-themed bash with bright and colorful stationery and invites, like this collection by Gus and Ruby Letterpress.

Another way to make your event scream “Barbie”? Uplighting. Let the radiant hues of Barbie’s signature pink color envelop your venue space, mirroring Barbie’s vibrant world. “Great lighting goes a long way!” says Anthony Taccetta of Anthony Taccetta Event Design. “A well lit party will tie all your decor elements together. Make sure to work with a trusted lighting designer to help bring your vision to life!” And let’s not forget the charming touch of nature – infuse palm leaves into your floral decor to add a tropical chic twist that plays off Barbie’s Malibu-beach vibe. 

Dress Your Tables in Barbie-Approved Linens

Color theme party with pink uplighting

Dress your tables in linens that would make Barbie herself swoon. We’re talking loud colors, bold patterns and, of course, plenty of pink. Choose tablecloths or runners in pretty pink hues, like our Velvet Blush and Evelyn Rose, or opt for an eye-catching print like our Layla Floral paired with our whimsical Maisie Sunshine. Let your imagination run wild as you mix and match these playful linens, creating a table setting that Barbie and her posse would love to dine at. Don’t forget to top it off with stunning floral centerpieces, bursting with vibrant blooms. It’s all about creating a feast for the eyes that captures the essence of Barbie’s glamour.

Barbie-Themed Attire: Get Your Pink On, Dolls!

Barbie inspired table linen

Barbie theme party outfits

Take the Barbicore trend to a whole new level with a Barbie-themed dresscode at your event. For your wedding party, picture bridesmaids floating down the aisle in dreamy dresses that scream Barbie’s signature style—flowing silhouettes with a touch of pink magic. And let’s not forget the groomsmen! They can rock pink boutonnieres or add a dash of pink flair to their accessories. But we’re not stopping there! Let’s make it a dress code for all your guests. Imagine the sight of everyone showing up in bright and colorful attire befitting a Barbie-hosted party. When it comes to bringing your event design full circle, it’s all about letting loose, having fun, and channeling your inner Barbie.

Sip, Snack, and Sparkle: Indulge in Barbie-inspired Cocktails and Food

Servers with pink-colored wigs

Have your servers get decked out in head-to-toe pink or in fun colored wigs, like our friends at Marcia Selden Catering.

No Barbiecore bash is truly fab without a burst of signature cocktails and delectable delights. Mixologists take inspiration from Barbie’s favorite colors and flavors to concoct beverages that are not only visually stunning but also tickle the taste buds. Imagine sipping on a “Malibu Dream” Cocktail, featuring a blend of tropical fruit flavors with a splash of coconut, or the “Barbie Pink Fizz,” a sparkling and effervescent drink that matches the event’s vibrant theme.

Party food tray

Of course, the food options are equally captivating. From mini tacos, like those featured by PPX Catering, to petit lobster rolls, the cuisine at Barbiecore events promises to be a gastronomic journey that pleases both the eyes and the palate. Desserts take center stage with a variety of pink-themed cakes, cupcakes, and candies that transport guests into a sweet paradise. Want to take your food service up a notch? Have your servers get decked out in head-to-toe pink or in fun colored wigs, like our friends at Marcia Selden Catering.

Bubblegum Bliss: The Ultimate Barbie Lounge Setup

a couch with pink pillows and a gold chair

Create a place for your guests to mix, mingle and sit stylishly with a Barbie-inspired lounge setup. We’re talking inspired lounge areas adorned with plush pink sofas, fluffy pillows, and glittering decorations, creating the perfect space for guests to unwind and soak in your Barbie-themed event.

By infusing the Barbicore trend into your gathering, you’ll transport your guests to a world of vibrant pink hues, playful decor, and unapologetic glamour. Remember to embrace the release of the new Barbie movie as you plan your event, adding an extra sprinkle of movie magic to the mix. So, gather your favorite pink linens, accessories, and floral arrangements. Let your imagination run wild and let your inner Barbie shine through. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and a truly immersive Barbicore experience for everyone involved. It’s time to celebrate life, love, and the joy of being fabulously pink!



Jul. 21, 2023

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