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An elegant table adorned with candles and flowers, available for event linen rental.

Spice Up Your Fall Event: 5 Color Schemes & Table Linen Trends We Love

Summer’s packing its bags and fall’s strutting in with its cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. But fear not, fellow event mavens, because your event décor game is about to get a major upgrade. And, we promise it will be anything but basic. Whether you’re all about those low-key autumn vibes or you’re ready to paint the town red… or pink… or green, we’ve got your back (and your tabletops, too!)

Prepare to be swept away by the enchantment of five sensational early fall color palettes that are poised to redefine your event experiences. Picture this: your guests leaving with wide eyes and exclamations of, “Did you see that table?!” These palettes are more than mere combinations of colors; they are stories waiting to be told through design. Whether you’re aiming for the calming embrace of autumnal hues or the bold vibrancy of unconventional tones, our repertoire is as diverse as your imagination.

And let’s not forget the magic of mixing and matching linens. The soft, textured touch of tablecloths and runners in complementary or contrasting shades or patterns can elevate your décor game to a whole new level. Imagine the interplay of colors and textures, adding depth and dimension to your tabletop canvas.

So, let’s bid farewell to the sweltering days and welcome the symphony of leaves and the touch of cool breeze. Join us in embracing a new era of event décor that effortlessly intertwines the spirit of fall with your unique personality.

Pink Two Ways – Bold Barbie or Subtle Softness

For those who want to make a striking and bold statement, consider incorporating vivid pinks reminiscent of Barbie’s iconic color palette. Dive into the world of creativity with Reverie Social’s Penelope Pomegranate linen, a masterpiece adorned with zesty citrus shades of bright orange, hot pink, and metallic gold, is the perfect canvas for your table. This linen serves as the perfect canvas on which to craft your imaginative table setting, transforming it into a visual delight that sparks conversations and leaves a lasting impression. Extend this vibrancy to your cocktail tables, using thoughtfully curated selections like Ziggy Plum, a lively and enchanting pattern, or the elegantly rich Velvet Hot Pink, both of which tie into the overarching theme seamlessly.

If you prefer a more subtle touch, opt for a soft and approachable look with the Velvet Blush linen. Its delicate tones provide a soft and approachable foundation, radiating an aura of refined grace that captivates in a more subdued manner. Pair it with Callie Dusty Rose napkins for a pink-on-pink ensemble that exudes timeless elegance. This gentle pairing emanates an air of sophistication and sophistication that transcends trends, allowing you to create an environment that reflects your personal style while resonating with the aura of enduring grace.

Rust, Marigold & Navy – A Dash of Autumn Spice

Fall is synonymous with warm, earthy tones that evoke feelings of coziness and comfort. These colors weave a tapestry of emotions, enveloping us in a cocoon of coziness and familiarity that warms the soul. In the realm of aesthetic expressions, our Denver Chestnut linen emerges as a captivating embodiment of this sentiment. Infused with a delightful 70s inspired watercolor floral print, covered in shades reminiscent of rust, copper, and navy, this linen encapsulates the very essence of the season’s allure. Elevate this aesthetic by layering the table with Callie Honey napkins, a vibrant fusion of color that cascades on the chestnut backdrop, infusing an extra burst of life and energy. Complete the look with fall solids like Montana Suede Navy, Velvet Spice, and Boucle Powdered Blue. This ensemble does more than simply decorate; it evokes emotions, it stimulates senses, and it pays homage to the profound beauty of autumn’s color palette.

Green & White – Classy Never Goes Out of Season

You know, it’s often been remarked, “Green is the new black… or was it the other way around?” It’s quite the amusing conundrum, isn’t it? Regardless of the order, green and white are your timeless partners in crime. Now, imagine setting the stage for your gatherings with a backdrop as enchanting as a secret garden – that’s where Patchwork Moss linen comes into play. Its intricate textures and hues create a canvas that’s practically begging for moments of sophisticated indulgence. Our friend Emily Racaniello from Mary Giuliani Catering & Events mentioned that “At MGCE, green and white will never go out of season, that’s why we’ve made green our company color! It’s the color of so many fresh vegetables and herbs and stands out on any plate. One of my favorite MGCE tables we created was a full monochromatic vegetable table at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee.”

But let’s not stop there. Elevate your hosting game with a dash of flair that’s sure to leave your guests murmuring “ooh-la-la.” How, you ask? Enter the scene: Hemstitch White and Flax napkins – an exquisite fusion of refined craftsmanship and subtle detailing. These napkins aren’t just practical accessories; they’re the punctuation marks in your culinary narrative, adding that final touch of finesse to every dish and conversation.

And oh, the cocktail soirée, where libations flow like stories shared among friends. Here’s where Velvet Evergreen linen steps in, the ever-reliable wingman to your hosting aspirations. Its lush texture and rich hue create an atmosphere that’s both inviting and intriguing.

Feeling that fall itch? Spice things up a notch with the warmth of colored florals, a symphony of wooden chargers, and the rugged charm of rustic cross back chairs. It’s like inviting autumn itself to your party! 

Slate Blue, Sand & Ivory – Tranquil Chic

If you’re drawn to the serene beauty of coastal landscapes, consider a color scheme that combines slate blue, sandy hues, and soft ivory tones. Our linen rental offerings can help you realize this tranquil vision. Utilize the sleek and sophisticated Canyon Agate linen as the foundation for your tablescape. Accentuate the look with upgraded delicate sand-colored napkins and ivory accents like our Dunes Stripes and Flax Vines. For an extra touch of blue, incorporate our Callie Cornflower napkin to emphasize a textured coastal vibe tabletop design. The result is an atmosphere that exudes relaxation and a touch of elegance.

Enhance your table settings with table décor inspired by nature to maintain a harmonious flow throughout your event. Integrate elements like natural woven chargers and rattan dining chairs to cultivate an organic environment, even if your event is indoors. In this featured photoshoot, Leslie Lee Floral Design ingeniously integrated driftwood, moss, and dried fern leaves to accentuate the sandy tones of the Canyon Agate linen, producing a captivating visual synergy.

Continue your sandy beach and tranquil vibes aesthetic to your cocktail hour by incorporating more neutral and textured linens like Riga Sand and Lexington Linen to really wow your guests with a soothing scene. It’s like a coastal getaway, minus the sunscreen and sand in your shoes.

Black & White – Modern Contrast

For an utterly timeless and strikingly sophisticated look, turn to the classic pairing of black and white. Our High Contrast Collection of linens offer the perfect canvas for this bold color scheme. Choose a crisp white tablecloth like our Nola White or Caterina White to serve as the base and accent it with black napkins, flatware, and chargers. The combination creates a clean and chic aesthetic that’s sure to impress. Another option is to go bold with mixed patterns at cocktail hour. Our Archie Black and Campbell Black linens can be perfectly paired to make your cocktail tables scream modern chic with a contemporary edge. The result of these combinations is akin to the timeless allure of Audrey Hepburn in linen form, manifested in the form of luxurious linens.

As the curtain rises on the stage of seasonal transitions, these early fall color palettes step into the limelight, ready to steal the show. Just as summer hands over its spotlight to autumn, your event décor is about to undergo a jaw dropping transformation and trust us, basic is nowhere to be found in this script. Whether you’re vibing with autumn’s mellow tones or you’re ready to turn up the volume on vibrant unconventional shades, these palettes have your back, and they’re not taking any prisoners (except maybe your guests’ attention).

Featured Vendor Credits:

Kim Lyn Photography \\ Leslie Lee Floral Design \\ Longwood Venues

Aug. 16, 2023