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An event linen rental featuring a wedding reception set up with colorful flowers hanging from the ceiling.

Now Trending: 2024 Event Design + Décor Ideas

‘Tis the season to start planning for your 2024 events and if you’re like us, you can’t wait to embrace all that’s trending in the design world. From interactive food and beverage displays turning your gathering into a culinary journey, to creating an event covered in vibrant color from floor to ceiling (hello, bold color and maximalism!), or your guests enjoying a western themed fête, because, let’s face it, parties are way more fun with a theme; we’re here for every bit of it.  Whether you’re aiming to set trends or subtly incorporate these popular design ideas into your gathering, the key is to make your day uniquely yours. And just in case you need a spark of inspiration, we’ve gathered some of our favorite event trends anticipated this season and how you can seamlessly integrate them into your special occasion.

Bold Color + Maximalist Décor

We’re starting off strong with bold colors as a wedding decor trend for 2024. “I’d be remiss not to coin 2024 as the ‘Year of Color,'” says Reverie’s Director of Business Development Stefanie Skelley. This year, there will be abundant chances to explore vibrant colors with heightened purpose and creativity, with a focus on the color-blocking trend. Our go-to hues this season? Vibrant shades of red, yellow and chartreuse, and of course, this year’s wedding color of the year, Marseille Bleu, an eye-catching cobalt blue. The simplest way to infuse color into your event is through table linens – be it bold solids (think velvets) or striking patterns and prints. Over-the-top florals installations are another way to integrate pops of colors and we’ll see a continuance of statement florals at wedding ceremonies, cascading floral chandeliers and centerpieces.

Chic Curves + Scalloped Edges

While scalloped edges made waves as a microtrend in the 2023 fashion scene, the squiggle line trend is set to claim its presence in 2024 weddings and events. From invitation suites to distinctive signage and table linens, this playful design element is taking center stage. Enter our Sadie Scalloped Napkins, a flawless embodiment of this trend, boasting delicate rounded edges and charming eyelet embroidery. Available in Cream, White, Pink and Blue, these napkins promise to add a touch of sweetness to any table setting.

Monochromatic Décor & Florals

Amidst the vibrant wave of colors dominating this year’s trends, monochromatic color palettes are also making a stylish statement. In the realm of table and floral, this translates to adhering to a cohesive color palette while playing with texture and height to captivate attention. For table linens, think beautiful embroideries in one shade accented with a complementary colored napkin. Our pick for weddings: Caterina White and the Lessing Black Stitch Napkin. And whether you prefer the simplicity of centerpieces adorned with blooms in the same color or the extravagance of an all-one-shade floral arrangement, there are countless ways to embrace and execute this trend in your event.

Residential-Inspired Décor

In 2024, event designs are leaning towards elements inspired by residential design aesthetics. Infuse approachable furniture and details that evoke the comfort of home or the sophistication of upscale restaurants. Create inviting lounge setups adorned with eye-catching pillow covers to seamlessly incorporate this trend into your design. Beyond the practical function of providing extra seating, a well-designed lounge becomes a vital enhancement to the overall event ambiance. And let’s admit, there’s a certain charm in coordinating your table linens with your pillows, adding a touch of cohesiveness and thoughtfulness to your design!

Wedding Lighting

The allure of mood lighting and intricate light installations is unmistakable, each having its moment in the spotlight. Mood lighting gracefully aligns with the residential-inspired décor trend, while ornate installations perfectly complement the maximalist wave. Table lamps, experiencing a resurgence in popularity, introduce a non-floral accent to tablescapes, adding both a design element and an intimate warmth for diners. On the grander scale, overhead lighting designs fully embrace the maximalist theme with unique chandeliers, disco balls, and suspended floral installations. These elements not only draw the eyes upward but also infuse the room with additional color and a sense of playful fun!


The epitome of cutesy charm, the “Cottagecore” wedding trend exudes quaint, country cottage-inspired vibes. True to its name, this design trend revolves around embracing a vintage aesthetic – think heirloom china, mismatched dinner plates, wildflower centerpieces, and whimsical table linen patterns. The aim is to cultivate an approachable and nostalgic atmosphere that exudes both charm and whimsy.

Themed Parties & Western-Inspired Celebrations

Hosts are infusing a notable degree of personalization into their gatherings by embracing themed festivities. In weddings, the primary event might exude a timeless and sophisticated ambiance, while the welcome or rehearsal dinner takes on a thematic approach, injecting playfulness and uniqueness into the kickoff of their celebrations.

The western theme continues to captivate this season, with designs embracing refined-rustic accents, warm color palettes, and desert-inspired décor. Envision cowhide patterns, florals inspired by foliage, stylish cowboy hats, cuisine cooked over an open fire, and craft cocktails that are uniquely crafted for the occasion.

Interactive Food & Drinks

Gone are the days of traditional formal parties; today’s guests crave entertainment throughout the night. What better way to captivate them than by letting them ‘play with their food’? Not in the literal sense, of course, but by offering an experiential food journey that’s right on trend for 2024 events. Attendees can immerse themselves in enjoyable activities, creating a celebration uniquely tailored to them. Whether it’s whiskey tasting stations, drink trucks, cotton candy and gelato carts, or charcuterie bars, these imaginative setups promise an unforgettable experience that will fuel lively conversations among your guests well beyond the wedding day.

Jan. 23, 2024

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