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Our Story: Reverie Social

Our Story: Reverie Social

It all started with a daydream … one of those informal, in-office, “Hey, you know what would be kind of amazing…” kind of moments while poring over boxes (and boxes and boxes!) of linen samples. The creatives of our team had a real “AHA” moment – one of imagination mixed with ingenuity as they all realized at once an idea that could revolutionize the events market. They realized something missing in the events market: a need for a company that specialized in fine table linens and décor rentals, accessible to those at a national scale. Our team didn’t know it then, but in that moment, the seed to grow Reverie Social was planted.

Flash forward six months countless trips and meetings with local, national and international textile artisans, hundreds of hours spent on wash-testing samples, and several branding sessions later Reverie Social, our nationally-shipped luxury table linen & décor company was born. At Reverie Social, our goal is simple: to elevate the art of event linens by offering a wide selection of bespoke styles including table linens, napkins and runners in luxury fabrics – from embroideries and rich velvets, to sleek metallics and unique, specialty prints.

An In-House Production

As a member of the PEAK Event Services Family of Brands, our team knows a thing or two about keeping things in-house. In fact, most of our linens are manufactured and processed all under one roof by our talented sewing artisans and linen processing teams. For us, it’s all in the details and we’re hypercritical when it comes to selecting our linens; not only do they have to be beautiful (obviously!), but each linen must pass strict quality testing. Each linen undergoes our rigorous in-house testing process where we measure shrinkage, durability, fading, stain resistance and more, ensuring that what we bring in is of the highest quality and is made to last. Because all of our manufacturing is done in-house, we can customize pieces based on the results of this testing process and even offer customized sizing options,* ensuring all our table linens are held to the same high standards.

Beyond our manufacturing capabilities, Reverie Social was a real in-house collaboration and all of our team members have contributed a personal touch. In fact, most of our linens’ names were inspired by our team’s nearest and dearest, including children, family members, and even pets! We deeply value the small, customized touches that define our brand.

Our Linens & Collections

Each of our collections has a unique personality and holds a special place in our hearts as our personal favorite. No seriously, we feel like parents unable to say we have a favorite child because all are equally cool, unique and distinct in their own way. Our Moonlight Palms Collection toes the line between glamour and modern sophistication, the star of this collection being our Palmiers Slate linen, which features a striking palm leaf print that gives us all the chic Miami-style vibes. In contrast, our Country Cottage Collection brings a cutesy, whimsical with a touch of rustic feel to tables, featuring folksy patterns, warm hues and rich yet approachable textures.When it came to selecting our linen lines, we did a lot of market research, looking at design “holes” within our local as well as national markets and following the latest style trends in the event, fashion and interior design worlds. We wanted linens that spoke to our own aesthetics as well: fun, unique, while at the same time modern and sophisticated, and with just the right amount of “edge.” At present, we have more than 50 linens in our inventory with many more coming in as we enter summer and autumn seasons. In the words of Regina George, “We’re going shopping!”

How Does It Work?

To put it simply, we get events and our team, collectively, has many decades of experience working behind-the-scenes in the live events and event rental worlds. We understand the highs and lows of the planning and design process, day of stress – truly, we get it, we’ve been there, and we pride ourselves on the ability to help clients navigate from behind-the-scenes make their planning process simple and seamless.

Delivered to (and Returned from) Your Doorstep

At Reverie Social, we provide an interactive shopping process that allows for both in-person as well as virtual linen consultations with our talented team of linen consultants. Because we are a nationally shipped linen brand and understand the importance and sensitivity that comes with designing an event (and getting everything you need on time), we’ve worked hard at making the delivery service as seamless and stress-free as possible. We currently offer shipping within the contiguous United States as well as the option for local New England deliveries for clients with orders with PEAK Event Services.* Our return service is what we’re really proud of, as we offer designated pickup with our shipping carrier right from your doorstep or selected pickup address. For you, that means no lugging heavy bags to the shipping office (or accidentally driving around with your return shipments past their return date – we’re so guilty of that ourselves!).

We hope you enjoy our linens as much as we do. Interested in placing an order? Explore our collections, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 877-7-REVSOC for more information or to place a quote.

Want to learn more about our process or have questions? Check out our FAQ Page.

Apr. 27, 2023

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