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Perfectly Paired: Holiday Table Linen Picks for a Merry Celebration

As the holiday season unfolds, our team at Reverie Social is buzzing with excitement as we curate the perfect winter and holiday celebrations. We’re not just setting tables; we’re crafting masterpieces to make your festive celebrations pop (and no, we’re not talking about the champagne cork). Our dynamic team, each with a style as unique as Grandma’s fruitcake recipe (you catch our drift?), is ready to spill the tea on our favorite linen combos. Get ready to elevate your holiday gatherings to a level even Santa would envy. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want their table setting to outshine that one relative who insists on telling the same embarrassing story every year

Kristen Rollins, Director of Marketing: “Moody and Bright”

Kristen Rollins, our Director of Marketing, sets the tone for her holiday tablescape with a new take on tradition. “I am loving the deep bluish-green hue of Montana Suede Navy, which is a fun departure from the traditional ‘navy’ you usually see for the holiday season,” she says. “Plus, it has texture, making it look luxe and rich across a tabletop.” Picture this: Tartan Plaid Holly Berry and Scottish Evergreen Napkins joining the party. The result is a striking and modern twist on the classic holiday tabletop. Kristen’s combination of moody textures and bright pops of color creates a festive ambiance that’s both contemporary and timeless.

Alicia Lessing, Director of Special Projects: “Chestnut-inspired Coziness”

For Alicia Lessing, Director of Special Projects, the inspiration is clear – chestnuts roasting on an open fire. “Everyone knows I love chestnuts,” she says. “That is what gave me my inspiration for my holiday tablescape inspired by two of my favorite linens!” Channeling the warmth of this beloved winter treat, Alicia crafts a cozy tablescape using the earthy tones of Velvet Rust Linen paired with Clementine Copper Napkins. Complemented by deep foliage accents and natural elements like rustic wooden chargers, her creation exudes the spirit of the season. The addition of bronze or copper-colored tableware and flickering candles in muted green holders completes the look, creating an inviting and stylish backdrop for cherished celebrations.

Stefanie Skelley, Director of Business Development: “Mariposa and Velvet Evergreen Harmony”

Stefanie Skelley, our Director of Business Development, expresses her fall and winter obsession with the Mariposa linen and Velvet Evergreen napkins. “I am obsessed with Mariposa Garden paired with the Velvet Evergreen napkin. The richness of color from the linen with the buttery hand of the velvet is the essence of a perfect fall color palette.” Stefanie suggests enhancing the linens with elegant greenery and florals in hues of mustard yellow, plum, and soft pink. For an extra touch of style, she recommends incorporating colored glassware or golden flatware. Setting the table, she says, becomes a delightful activity and conversation starter, adding a personal touch to your Thanksgiving or holiday celebrations.

Karina Costa: “Clementine Copper and Velvet Hazel Duo”

Karina Costa highlights the stunning pairing of Clementine Copper and Velvet Hazel. The natural tones of Velvet Hazel seamlessly complement the classic fall colors of Clementine Copper, creating a warm and inviting design. Whether used as a runner or napkins, this combination adds a touch of fun and elegance to your holiday table.

Colby Radomski, Content Marketing Manager: “Bold Sophistication with The Jules”

Colby Radomski, our Content Marketing Manager, draws inspiration from being both bold and sophisticated this holiday season. The Jules linen takes center stage with its buttery soft texture and iridescence, creating a glamorous and timeless feel. Paired with Gatsby-inspired Fitzgerald Matte Gold or the new Lessing Black Stitch Napkin, Colby’s choice brings together a look that’s refined, pulled together, and perfect for festive celebrations.


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Nov. 16, 2023

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