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summer wedding theme. A stunning blue and white wedding reception set up in a glass tent, featuring elegant table linen rentals.

Summer Wedding Themes for Your Dream Day

Tying the knot this summer and deciding on the perfect summer wedding theme for your upcoming bash? From chill coastal-inspired vibes to funky lively retro vibes, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas, trends and linen picks guaranteed to make your big day’s design as unforgettable as your love story. Dive in and find out how to make your summer wedding or soirée sizzle with style and personality.

What You Need to Know

  • Coastal-themed weddings evoke the serene beauty of the beach, incorporating a light and airy color palette with design elements like dried florals, scalloped edges and sea-inspired decor.
  • Garden party vibes are here to stay with punchy floral patterns, vibrant colors and dainty decor accents. Tequila out of a teacup? Yes please. The summer of love is here…again.  
  • A 70s retro revival is taking over weddings with pastel hues, jewel toned accent colors, rich velvets and water florals for a groovy (yet modern) inspired celebration. 
  • Neutral tones like ivory, beige, gray and white blend to create a simplistic yet sophisticated wedding color palette for your big day. Offering a neutral color palette that is the perfect fit for a wedding exuding an aura of classic beauty and sophistication.

Coastal Cool

When it comes to planning a coastal-themed celebration, it’s all about embracing the elements of the sea. Think soft blue and neutral hues, organic accents like wicker and rattan, as well as nautical-inspired stripes like seersucker. 

Montauk Sand Overlay

Its hard not to imagine driftwood, whitewashed cottages and sandy hues with this design detail. With a nod to one of our favorite summer destinations in The Hamptons, our Montauk Sand Overlay  exudes a relaxed, yet elevated coastal vibe with its subtle, sandy color that conjures images of beaches bathed in sunlight. This linen’s broad stripes create a laid-back yet sophisticated seaside atmosphere, infusing your tabletop with a touch of coastal charm. 

Davey Coastline Blue

Add a pop of cool blues and sandy neutrals to your next summer wedding decor and tablescape with our Davey Coastline Blue linen. With its mix of blue hues and soft, nautical stripes, our Davey Coastline Blue linen excludes coastal sophistication, making every guest feel like they’ve stepped into a charming seaside village.Just this addition can convey coastal sophistication and make wedding guests feel as though they’ve been whisked away to an enchanting seaside village, regardless of how far inland you may actually be.

This serene scheme does more than just dress up your venue space—it syncs perfectly with the tranquil vibes of the ocean, adding sophistication to your beach-themed bash. Opting for Davey Coastline Blue, whether it’s a full table linen, runner or napkin, seamlessly blends your  celebration’s vibe with the laid-back elegance of a sunny, sandy escapade.

Patchwork Sea Breeze

Patchwork Sea Breeze linen exudes a quaint charm with its checkered white and blue hues reminiscent of a charming coastal cabin.  By mixing and matching this linen with coordinates like Nola White  and Davey Coastline Blue, you can create a unique space that complements your seaside inspired celebration. 

Seersucker Flax Napkin

Boasting neutral flax-colored stripes, the Seersucker Flax Napkin is the perfect napkin pick for any coastal or nautical-inspired gathering. With its quintessential seafaring stripes, this napkin effortlessly establishes a maritime ambiance and infuses your table setting with seaside elegance. Its versatility mirrors that of a sailor’s knot, and it serves to seamlessly unite your event’s theme by adding an element of coastal sophistication.

For those organizing a celebration by the shore or looking to bring the tranquil essence of the beach into their wedding decor, this napkin stands out as a perfect pick..

Callie Cornflower Napkin

Callie Cornflower Bohemian Light Blue Napkin

With is gauzey texture, our Callie Cornflower Napkin infuses a relaxed bohemian touch into any tablescape with its design. Crafted from breezy, textured gauze fabric, this oversized napkin features a calming blue hue that suits numerous event aesthetics. Whether adorning a rustic farm table or pairing with a patterned table linen, it introduces just the right amount of color to your decor.

The Callie Cornflower Napkin is a true chameleon—perfect for slipping into any setting while making a subtle statement. It’s especially great for adding a touch of calm to a hot summer day beach wedding, effortlessly enhancing the laid-back vibe.

Garden-Inspired Gathering

Want to incorporate floral linen into your big day celebrations but don’t know where to start?  We’ve got you and your tabletop covered with everything from muted floral prints that let you play up the vibe of your space, to florals with a pop of saturated, bold color. And don’t worry, this is not your grandma’s garden party. By coordinating floral printed linen with complementary solids or toned down simple prints, you can create a fun yet sophisticated garden party themed event for your rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or reception. 

Fleur Meadow

Jacobean design meets modern twist with our Fleur Meadow table linen. Interplaying tones of green, blue, and tan form a playful pattern influenced by historical motifs that offers timeless elegance mixed with modern flair. 

Magnolia Fog

Bring refined elegance and sophistication to your tablescapes with our Magnolia Fog linen. Its watercolor-inspired floral pattern in subdued shades of green, gray and ivory, evoke an  elevated feel ideal for any occasion. This linen is great for making a subtle statement in your reception space, or paired with deeper earth tones throughout your cocktail hour. 

Monaco Ginger

Soft Monaco Ginger fabric with gentle folds and a smooth texture.

Enhance your garden-themed nuptials with our Monaco Ginger linen. With its ginger-orange hue and delicately ribbed texture this fabric brings an air of refined elegance to any event, and blends harmoniously with a variety of printed and patterned linens, perfect for a mix and match tabletop look. 

Monaco Ginger linen is ideal for any size celebration, from cozy backyard gatherings to lavish ceremonies. This elegant textile promises to captivate attendees and leave an indelible impression, making every moment visually stunning.

Garden Rose Lemon Napkin

Infuse your celebration with the charm of the outdoors using the Garden Rose Lemon napkin (also available in a full linen) which features a gentle stonewashed floral pattern in soft pastel yellow and green shades. Elegant and feminine, these napkins are a perfect match for those who are hosting garden-inspired nuptials or wanting to weave in the cottage-core theme into their event. 

Nola Apricot Napkin

Close-up texture of Nola Apricot fabric with a tight weave pattern.

With its soft apricot tone, our Nola Apricot Napkin mirrors the rich, golden hues of a summertime dusk, bringing a cozy, inviting atmosphere to place settings. Whether paired with a delicate pastel print like our Amelia Maize linen or mixed with a vibrant pattern like our Layla Floral linen, this napkin enhances your setup with an extra layer of richness and texture.

Retro Revival: A 70’s Summer Soirée

Embark on a reminiscent journey to the era of peace and love with a Retro Revival wedding theme. This concept rekindles the iconic energy of groovy decades past – Dancing Queen anyone? –  infusing it with a mix of vibrant color tones, rich velvet textures, and whimsical floral patterns. The essence of this theme lies in capturing the allure of the 1970’s with your own modern twist. 

Denver Chestnut

Our Denver Chestnut linen boasts a mesmerizing floral watercolor pattern that radiates with deep, rich colors like mustard, rust and charcoal. It exudes an air of nostalgia and adds a quaint, vintage element to the aesthetic of your wedding celebration.

If you are orchestrating a disco-inspired wedding reception, or setting up for a boho-chic style ceremony, incorporating the Denver Chestnut linen will seamlessly marry contemporary elegance with classic retro allure at your wedding. 

Penelope Pomegranate

Incorporate a burst of vibrancy into your 70s summer themed wedding, with our Penelope Pomegranate linen. Featuring magenta pink, a burst of orange, and a touch of gold throughout this floral pattern, this linen transforms your venue into a fully blossoming festivity.

Velvet Marigold

Moody meets groovy with our Velvet Marigold linen collection. This vibrant jewel toned mustard yellow hue not only adds a bold splash to your event’s color palette, but its rich, buttery texture injects the spirited, lively vibe characteristic of a 70’s themed wedding.

Aruba Coral Napkin

Monaco Woodrose towel in pink and orange, folded and isolated on a white background.

Infuse your event with tropical vibes using our Aruba Coral napkin. This hot pink and orange trimmed napkin adds a touch of the tropics while evoking 70s era vibes. 

Velvet Rust Napkin

Our Velvet Rust Napkin exudes a sense of deep, reminiscent charm, capturing the essence of 1970s interior design with its earthy hues, bringing with it an element of vintage sophistication to any table arrangement celebrating with a 70s-style motif.

Timeless Elegance: Classic Neutrals for Everlasting Love

Introducing the new way to do neutral which epitomizes a timeless, quiet-luxury theme, an aesthetic that promises to stand the test of time. This theme weaves together cool tones, textural elements like embroideries and velvets, and classic hemmed stitching to craft an ambiance of understated sophistication. A neutral color palette exudes timeless class and grace, ideal for a wedding that aspires to both tradition and elegance. From the wedding cake to curated decor, this theme ensures an exceptional experience not just for the wedding party, but for all guests in attendance, making each moment unforgettable.

Velvet Pearl

Whether you’re hosting a welcome dinner or the big day, our Velvet Pearl linen is the perfect option for those seeking a neutral, but elevated table linen. Its timeless design and lush texture make it a great choice for those looking to create a look based around simplicity and refined elegance.

Incorporating Velvet Pearl’s subtle, neutral hue into your nuptials guarantees an air of luxury that elevates the setting to one of cultivated taste, pairing seamlessly with a variety of napkin coordinates, from simple and classic Hemstitch to more ornate patterns like our Fitzgerald Matte Gold.

Incorporating the Velvet Pearl’s subtle yet flexible hue into your nuptial adornments guarantees an air of luxury that elevates the setting and wedding ceremony to one of cultivated taste, pairing seamlessly with a variety of napkin coordinates, from simple and classic Hemstitch to more ornate patterns like our Fitzgerald Matte Gold.

Gracie Pearl White

Adorned a unique floral pattern, our Gracie Pearl White linen is our new take on embroidery. This modern, bohemian-inspired pattern creates a tabletop look that balances the line of trendy and classic.  

McKinley Linen

With its elaborate paisley-style embroidery, McKinley Linen infuses wedding décor with a dash of elegance and playful embroidered charm. Its rich tan hue and intricate embroidery impart a vintage air that also feels timeless and elevated. 

Sadie Scalloped White Napkin

Featuring scalloped borders and intricate embroidery, our Sadie Scalloped White Napkin infuses a whimsical element into your dining arrangement. Its crisp, white color may be neutral, but it delivers an elegant and timeless atmosphere to any table.

This stunning napkin is perfect for elevating the decor at various gatherings such as ladies’ luncheons, birthday celebrations, baby showers or even during a sophisticated cocktail hour, adding a punch of preppiness and charm to place settings. 

Lessing White Stitch Napkin

A Monaco Woodrose document sleeve against a white background.

With its classic silhouette and white hem embroidery, The Lessing White Stitch Napkin enhances your wedding decor with a sophisticated feel by incorporating a modern variant on the traditional hemstitch design. It features an elegantly stitched outline that infuses a vintage element into the setting, pairing perfectly with a variety of table linen companions, from intricate embroideries like our Caterina White, to dramatic and bold patterns like our Archie Black or Campbell Black.


We hope that this article guides you to find your dream wedding theme in 2024. Whether it’s a garden gala or timeless elegance, Reverie Social can put life into your vision. Laying out 20 of our most trendy and popular linens, there is something here for everyone. If you can’t find a style in here that resonates with you and your theme, feel free to contact our experts or check out our endless selection displayed on our website and social media!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular summer wedding themes?

For a celebration to remember, think about embracing delightful summer wedding themes such as Seaside Serenity, Garden Gala, Retro Revival, and Timeless Elegance when planning your nuptials. These themes perfectly capture the season’s charm.

How can I incorporate a coastal vibe into my wedding?

Embrace a seaside atmosphere for your nuptials by weaving in beachy touches such as favors reminiscent of the shore, linens that mirror the tranquil allure of the ocean, and palm fronds. Infuse these coastal elements to bring about an authentic beach vibe to celebrate your union.

How can I create a garden-like setting for my wedding?

To transform your wedding into an enchanting garden oasis, incorporate opulent floral arrangements and construct a winding aisle adorned with florals in shades of white and green. Enhance this botanical atmosphere. By selecting linens such as Fleur Meadow and Magnolia Fog to complement the setting.

Your nuptials will become a picturesque retreat reminiscent of a serene garden paradise.

How can I incorporate a 70’s vibe into my wedding?

Embrace the nostalgic ambiance of the 70’s at your wedding by integrating suede-inspired hues, watercolor floral patterns, and linens such as Denver Chestnut and Penelope Pomegranate to capture that retro feel.

Lean into that throwback charm!

How can I create a classic, timeless look for my wedding?

For a sophisticated ambiance that exudes timeless elegance at your wedding, incorporate décor elements in neutral hues and classic touches such as scalloped and stitched napkins.

Mar. 22, 2024

Reverie Social
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