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A beautifully arranged table set for a wedding with elegant event linen rental.

Viva la Velvet: Dress Your Tables in the Season’s Must-Have Linen

Velvet is the epitome of indulgence, and when it comes to setting the scene at cooler weather events, this luxe textile is the ultimate tabletop staple. Loved for its plush texture and heavy weight, velvet linens exude sophistication and warmth. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ways to weave in this season’s must-have table linen rental.

Tack on the Velvet Texture

When planning a cold-weather event, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort is paramount, and nothing accomplishes this better than tactile velvet table linens. Whether you’re hosting a winter wedding, a holiday gathering, or a corporate gala, these table linens provide an elevated experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.  Dress your event tables in top-to-bottom texture with one of our new favorite colors this season – mixing hues of blues, rusts and sage – like Velvet Hazel or Velvet Rust and create a mix and match design with coordinating prints like Clementine Copper, Canyon Rust or Denver Chestnut. For a quintessential holiday look, try our Velvet Evergreen and pair with Mariposa Garden or Fitzgerald Matte Gold. Want to keep things minimalist and neutral? Opt for our Velvet Pearl, an elevated option to your basic white linen that works for any style celebration.

Slay with Suede and Bouclé

No, they’re not velvet, but they’re at the same level. Similar in texture, our Montana Suede Navy and Lipstick offer a rich, plush feel and their heavy weight makes these linens feel even more luxurious once draped across tables. Our Boucle Powder Blue offers a similar visual and tactile experience with its looped and curled surface. By incorporating suede and boucle table linens into your cold-weather event design, you’ll not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also create an unforgettable sensory experience for your guests.

Prettify Your Tables with Patterned Velvet

Make your tablescape a feast for your guests’ eyes by choosing patterned velvet linens. Our standout options, like Clementine Copper, Gemma Ivory and Bouquet Lapis introduce an element of elegance and charm to your dining arrangements bringing not only texture to your table, but a visually captivating presence. Complete your place settings by with a coordinating colored velvet napkin. The subtle yet effective interplay of patterns, hues, and textures will elevate your dining experience, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and making each meal at your table memorable.

Rent a Runner

Whether you’re setting a rustic farm table or opting for a more minimalist linenless look, or even seeking to add depth to your existing table decor, a velvet table runner can be the perfect versatile solution. These runners are an excellent choice for introducing tactile interest as well as a pop of color to your table design and, with a variety of colors available, they can be easily coordinated with your favorite printed napkin for an added pop.

Mix and Match with Printed or Patterned Linens

Reverie Social’s velvet linens offer versatility that extends beyond their inherent luxuriousness. To truly make your cold-weather event stand out, consider mixing and matching these linens with printed or patterned counterparts. The contrast between the solid velvet and the intricate prints creates a captivating visual impact. Going for an event design that says rustic, yet refined? Match our Denver Chestnut with Velvet Rust and Montana Suede Navy for a vibrant autumnal mix-and-match look. Creating a sleek and sophisticated look for your black tie affair? Try our Jules linen paired with Helena Midnight or Archie Black. Planning a winter wonderland-themed holiday soirée? Dress tables in Velvet Pearl and Metropolitan Champagne linen for a festive look that says winter glam. Creating a multi-dimensional tablescape by mixing and matching linens not only adds visual interest but also allows you to craft a unique narrative for your event.

Add a Pop with a Velvet Napkin

Perfect your placesettings with a velvet napkin upgrade. Velvet napkins not only offer a soft and comforting texture but also introduce a rich and refined element to your table settings. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a grand celebration, our velvet napkins are an easy way to upgrade your table decor, ensuring that your guests experience both visual and tactile delight throughout your seasonal gatherings.


Our velvet table linens, runners, and napkins are the secret ingredient to making your cold-weather events truly unforgettable. The luxurious textures and heavy weight of these linens set the stage for an atmosphere of opulence and comfort. The addition of suede and boucle variations adds depth and intrigue, while coordinated napkins and the option to mix and match with printed or patterned linens provide endless opportunities for creativity. So, viva la velvet, and let your next event shine with the luxurious touch of velvet linens.


Sep. 29, 2023

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