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A wedding reception in a tent decorated with flowers and greenery. Our services include table linen rental.

The Ultimate Wedding Linen Rental Timeline

You’ve just committed to spending the rest of your life with someone – NBD – now it’s time to commit to the rest. We’ve got the breakdown on how and when to book your table linen rentals (but if you’re procrastinator and behind in the wedding planning process, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too).


Cocktail Party + Wedding featuring Lexington Linen & Sophia Lace Linens

Choose your venue:

Once you’ve secured your wedding venue and have a clear understanding of its style and size, it’s a good time to start thinking about linens. Different venues may have different requirements, and knowing your venue will help you choose linens that complement the space. But don’t let the vibe of the venue fully dictate your linen choices. Work with one of our linen rental consultants and a planner to incorporate your vision to the space and think outside of the box.  Does your venue have a coastal vibe but you want it to feel more black tie? Barn venue but want it to look French countryside chic? Use your linens to create that story.

After Deciding on the Color Scheme and Theme:

Linens play a significant role in establishing the color palette and theme of your wedding. Once you’ve decided on your wedding colors and theme, you can start exploring linen options that align with your vision. Weave in tables and linen options in different sizes and shapes – table runners, full length linens, overlays and napkins – to create consistent but unique looks throughout your event spaces. Think statement linen for the head tables, coordinating linen for the dessert and gift tables, bold napkins that act as part of the tabletop décor, or a mix of high and low linens for cocktail hour, the options are endless.

Around 6-8 Months Before the Wedding:

Aim to finalize your linen choices around 6-8 months before the wedding. This provides ample time to browse options, check out samples in person, and make decisions without feeling rushed. Late to the game? Our team can help you pull your vision together no matter where you are in the wedding planning process (hello, two-day shipping!).

Consider Seasonal Trends:

If you’re planning to incorporate seasonal trends into your wedding decor, keep an eye on what’s popular in the fashion and interior design realms. If there is a color, texture or pattern you’re loving, there are ways to incorporate it on your big day. Create a cozy nook with lounge furniture accented with pillows in styles that complement your event design, weave in texture to your tabletop using linens in fabric like bouclé, velvet or lace, or incorporate patterns and prints that blend your personal style with trends you love.

Coordinate with Other Decor Elements:

Linens play a significant role in tying together various decor elements such as flowers, centerpieces, and table settings. By finalizing your linen choices in advance, you can ensure a seamless coordination of these elements. Our team at Reverie Social understands the importance of cohesive decor, and we’re dedicated to helping you choose linens that complement the overall aesthetic of your event.

Partnering with You Every Step of the Way:

Planning a memorable event involves attention to detail, and our team is committed to partnering with you throughout the entire planning process. We recognize that the journey to the big day involves more than just the wedding celebration. There are showers, engagement parties, rehearsals, and other pre-wedding events that deserve special attention. From choosing the perfect linens to coordinating with other decor elements, we’ll be by your side to make sure your event is nothing short of spectacular.

Want to learn more? We’ve compiled everything you need to know to partner with Reverie for all your wedding festivities – check it out!


Jan. 08, 2024

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