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A decorated event space features round tables with red tablecloths, gold chairs, and elegant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Brick walls with large arched mirrors are in the background.

A New Way to Do Corporate

Who decided corporate linens should be dull and lifeless? When planning a corporate event, every detail matters, and table linens are no exception. The right linens can transform your event, make an impression with your most distinguished guests, and elevate your overall event aesthetic. Whether it’s a board meeting, a fundraising gala, or a seminar, make a statement with bold prints, sophisticated solids, and eye-catching patterns. Say goodbye to boring and hello to corporate cool.

Think monochrome is boring? Think again. Monochrome linens scream sophistication and timeless elegance, making them perfect for corporate events where looking professional is non-negotiable. Whether you go for classic black and white, stick to a single hue or create a cohesive mix-and-match look with complementing styles, monochrome linens ensure a clean, cohesive look that says you’ve got your act together. Amp up the luxury by pairing them with metallic tabletop pieces, sleek candles, or elegant florals. It’s all about that polished, professional finish.

A split image showing a podium setup with Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame and Fenway Honors logos on the left, and an elegantly set long dining table with candles and chandeliers on the right.

Bright & Bold
Why blend in when you can stand out? Infuse your corporate event with some serious energy using bright and bold linens. Ideal for product launches, company celebrations, or any event where you actually want people to remember they were there. Think reds, oranges, and yellows from our Velvet Collection – because who wants to play it safe? Mix and match those bold colors and prints, and then throw in some neutral décor elements just to keep it from being too wild. Go big or go home, right?

Two images of a decorated event: one shows a stage with a "20th Anniversary Party in the Park" sign; the other displays a dining area with tables set with pink and white tablecloths and floral centerpieces.

Modern & Geometric
Think your event can survive on last decade’s style? Think again. Modern and geometric linens bring that sleek, contemporary, and high contrast vibe you desperately need. Perfect for tech conferences, modern brand launches, or any event pretending to be cutting-edge. Go for bold geometric patterns in neutral tones for a “we’re subtly stylish” look, or slap on some metallic accents like chrome or copper to amp up the modernity. Our favorite go to’s? Campbell Black or Archie Black!

Two high-top tables with different patterned tablecloths, each accompanied by tall chairs and adorned with a small floral arrangement in a modern, indoor setting.

Blue Hues
Blue isn’t just versatile; it radiates professionalism, calmness, and trustworthiness. Perfect for business meetings, conferences, and networking receptions. Choose from Dalton Slate, new Monaco Ocean or Nola Mystic Blue linens and pair them with blue glassware or decorative pieces to perfect your color theme. Because nothing communicates confidence quite like a well-coordinated blue palette.

On the left, an indoor dining hall with blue and white decor and tables set for an event. On the right, an outdoor seating area with a cushioned sofa, blue pillows, and floral cushions.

Overstated Florals
Who decided corporate linens should be dull and lifeless? Break the mold with some fun, playful, and bold overstated florals. Perfect for awards dinners or client appreciation events that need to look sophisticated without putting everyone to sleep. Go for linens with floral patterns like our Morgan Natural, Livia Sapphire or Ophelia Sky to achieve that elegant yet lively vibe. Throw in some luxurious tableware and glassware to complete the look. Because standard is overrated, and stunning is the new standard.

Two event venues: the left has long tables with floral tablecloths and large flower arrangements in a brick warehouse setting; the right has round tables with floral tablecloths and elegant chandeliers.

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Jul. 01, 2024

Reverie Social
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